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Ukrainian Defense and Security Industry»


Colonel (Rt) Yevhen Krupa

Chairman, UADSI

Євген Крупа Голова Правління Асоціації

Active work with public organizations has been started since 2006. Using the potential and capabilities of public organizations, carries out work on the most actual issues involving both specialists from different countries all over the world and potential partners. The main goal is to organize the filling of pseudo-vacuum information for Ukrainian producers and potential partners.

Personal integrity, high organizational skills, experience in working with various ministries and departments, communication skills, knowledge of the law, as well as document management, makes it possible to use the full potential of a public organization to make proposals for amending legislation.

The experience of international cooperation, the adaptation of the European and world community achievements for Ukraine are the main criteria aimed at developing partnerships in the framework of current legislation.

Dr.Yevgen Rokicki

Co-Chairman of the Management Board

Євген Рокицький Спів-Голова Правління Асоціації

Yevgen Rokicki is a passionate community builder with background in Strategic Communications, Government Relations, International Law and Risk Governance in the Aerospace and Defense Industries. He runs a boutique VC&Techno-broker and works on the exciting projects of building platform for the once potent and now transforming rocket-building, engineering of Earth Observation systems (both satellite and unmanned aerial), ICT systems and creating more opportunities for interaction, communication and cooperation among all market players in the sector internationally.

Dr. Rokicki focuses the Association on developping export oriented solutions, venture financing, education and innovations. Before launching the projects in the Defense and Aerospace sectors, Yevgen was had been working for the World Bank as a key adviser on Finance, Risk Governance and corporate turnarounds, whose aim was to create an access to finance strategy for the corporate sector in Eastern Europe and Central Asia as well as implant high governance standards in the financial sector and public administration.

Building integrity and compliance with international rules are key to developing the defense and security sector. That is why, Yevgen spearheaded the implementation of the project sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia on the platform of the National University of the State Fiscal Service, as well as a number of related local projects.